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Directory Size Monitor  v.2.5

Directory Size Monitor Explorer Extension adds a new column to the Details view in Windows Explorer. The new column shows not only the size of files, but also the size of folders.It gives you the chance to keep track of which folders you view, and

Directory Size Explorer  v.

Directory Size Explorer is a small utility that allows the user to easily explore directory sizes and file sizes. Very useful app for cleaning up external storage devices that are getting

FSHog - directory size listing utility  v.1.0

Directory size listing utility written in python. Platforms supported: Windows, Linux, and any other platform that supports

Smart Directory Size  v.1.4

The first test project.

MouseSoft Directory Size  v.1.1.24

MDS reports where space is used on your local and network drives. Quickly identify where space is used. Export results to HTML, Text and Excel. Sort results by Size or Name

DirSizeX for Mac OS  v.1.04

Shows the directory size, including files and subdirectories in the directory. Count the items in the first level and the total items. - Multithread cocoa document application. - Optimized calculation. - Order by any columns in the directory

ShowDirSize  v.0.1

console utilite, which show directory size and creates html file with

UNC DirSize  v.1.0

UNC DirSize is a utility used to calculate the directory size of UNC paths given in a text file for reporting purposes. UNC DirSize is currently written in Perl and is planned to be ported to C++.

NTP Plotter  v.1.0.12

During the tests on a Windows version of the NMEA/PPS ref-clock drivers, the need arose for a simple program to plot the performance.

Boot BMP Changer  v.1.2.0

Boot BMP Changer uses two tags that can be added to your boot.

Frigate Standard  v.

Frigate Standard is strong application that allows you to use a lot of built-in viewers and utilities to manage your files and folders. The program can handle DBF, RTF, HTML, DOC and Excel files and has a lot of handy utilities such as TreeNotes,

Simple web-server  v.1.21

A simple web server.

Inno Setup 5.3.4 QuickStart Pack  v.5.2.3

Tool that helps you to create windows installers.

WExplorer  v.

WExplorer is a small, easy to use and straight-forward alternative to Windows Explorer. It has a simple, comprehensive interface that gives you quick access to all its features. FEATURES: · explore Windows 95 - Windows 7 · get file-size,

GetFoldersize  v.2.5.0

If you are among those finding it difficult to determine which part of your computer's hard disk is taking up much space, don't fret because there's help on hand. GetFoldersize is the answer to your problem. This freeware is ideal for both private

GetFoldersize (Portable Edition)  v.2.5.0

Are you bothered by the slow performance of your PC but don't know where to look for the main cause? Your disk space may be the problem as it could be nearing its storage limit. If this is the case, you can get fast help from GetFoldersize. This is a

IPhile  v.

Allows users to mount iPhones and iPod Touch devices as disks in Windows, allowing Explorer or any program to access the filesystem. Due to changes by Apple, now REQUIRES the itunesmobiledevice.dll from itunes 9.0 in its program

Stata Mode  v.1.0

This configuration component contains highlighting, active strings, menu and tool bar customizations for Stata.

Hostess  v.4.1

Unlike many HOSTS file utilities, Hostess is geared towards ad-blocking rather than IP address resolution. Hostess stores your host entries in a database that is indexed to eliminate duplicates and make searching fast and easy. It also allows you to

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